The piece of artwork, “Open The Box” is representative of the six years the [Client] family lived in New York City. The [Client]s are English, but spent 16 years abroad – living in Switzerland and France, before settling in New York City for six years. Throughout all of the moving, [Client] began collecting the physical materials that represented real memories for her and her family. She kept these materials in boxes not fully aware of why she was collecting things, but fully aware of the importance of the memories they represent. Having moved so much [Client] felt the need for time to stand still and to have her memories represented in an artwork. She was keen that the memories should be physical not just in the imagination of her mind.The composition of “Open the Box” has five circular clusters. Each of these five clusters represents a different important aspect of the [Client]’s lives. While in NYC, the [Client]’s were living to the fullest in a hectic whirlwind of different schedules all running alongside each other. One family member traveled extensively for work, while the two boys were in school in England, and the two girls were in school in New York City with their mother and father. As a result, travel and movement were an enormous part of their reality and so [Client] ‘s boxes became full of travel documents, plane ticket stubs, and daily agendas.The clusters are an explosion of text and embody the dynamisms that came to define the [Client]’s time in New York City. They burst forth and collide with each other in a composition that communicates the excitement and energy that defined this time of their lives. The [Client] ‘s were a family living abroad and with that comes feelings of freedom, exploration, humor, and fun. They approached everything with an air of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness even when emotions ran high and the constant flow of new experiences were exhausting.

The five clusters that make up the composition of “Open the Box” are topographical and have peaks that grow out from the canvas. The topography of the piece describes the abundance of paper that went into that specific cluster and demonstrates how full their lives were.

The [Client]’s are a close-knit family and became involved in the cultural diversity of the New York community. The materials that make up “Open the Box” stand as a tribute to the [Client] family and to everything that went into creating their place within one of the most sensational cities in the world.The artwork “Open the Box” does exactly that; it opens the box of memories that the [Client] stored away. It brings the memories into the light in order to celebrate the sentiments contained within.

Amia Yokoyama 2012

Detail of work
Finished artwork
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