The proposed artwork is made to be an encapsulation of Ralph’s life from birth to present. The piece of artwork expresses the varying time periods in his life that have come to form his personal identity. Each of the different yet significant time periods of Ralph’s life have produced a unique collection of materials. These materials will be used to define the composition of the artwork. Ralph is 13 years of age and the eldest of all of his siblings. He has lived in a number of different cities around the world and has gone to a variety of international schools. The different time periods of Ralph’s life are delineated and represented by the 5 different parts that come together to form the final composition. The final piece will be a sculptural wall-hanging artwork; with each of the 5 parts having varying depths, widths, and lengths.

The content of the materials tell a story. The materials act as a looking glass into a deeply sensitive and intuitive person. Ralph’s poetry, letters to his family, and other work he has produced throughout his life exemplify his observant, considerate, and deliberate nature. His relationships with his family and friends are personal and intimate and the artwork is made to be viewed with the same demeanor.

There are two transparent, rectangular inserts that exist in the artwork. These inserts are installed within the body of theartwork and are removable. They hold certain items of importance, such as unopened letters and envelopes that Ralph has collected throughout his life. First, as a child, Ralph addressed piles and piles of envelopes to himself as a form of play. Then, again as an adolescent, Ralph accumulated a collection of unopened correspondence from family members while he was away at boarding school. The contents of the plexiglass inserts demonstrate an interesting parallel between the two collections of envelopes from two different phases of his life. The inserts act as “envelopes” themselves, holding safe its contents for Ralph to open when he so chooses. When an outside viewer sees the inserts with its tucked away contents, the viewer will feel as though he or she has accessed a special hidden moment. The viewing experience will add to the intimacy that is inherent to this piece.

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