The proposed artwork is made to be representational in both material content and composition of the strength, unity, and wholeness that exists in the clients family. This piece expresses the family’s deeply shared life and love for one another. This work of art is created from the contributions of each family member, and celebrates individualism of each member by means of the documents, cards, love notes, and images provided. When these parts are brought together with equivalence, the outcome is something bigger and more beautiful than just the individual energies. The strong bond that exists between the family is a result of co-creation, and the artwork will embody this quality.

Therefore, the proposed artwork will be made up of tessellated triangles. Each small triangle will be of equal shape and size, just as each memory holds equal importance in the forming of ones life. Tessellation is the tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes. The “tiles” will be cut from the paper, photographs and other materials the client have provided. When brought together these shapes will form a large-scale cohesive composition, but when viewed up close one can see the small moments, expressions of love, and memories shared within each small “tile”. The materials will be sorted based on color, weight, and texture. These aesthetic elements will be used to create a gradient that sweeps across the canvas, just as a painter would use different colors of paint, or as the small different colored pixels from a digital photograph come together to create a seamless image. It is significant that this piece utilizes tessellation, because it is representative of how the different pieces of ones life fit into each other in perfect harmony. Each memory is necessary and significant to the larger scope of one’s life, or in the case of this artwork, each “tile” is necessary and significant to the larger composition.

Amia Yokoyama 2013

Mock up 1
Mock up 2
Mock up 3
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